Aeromobile con marche I-SAAA
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Marche:   I-SAAA Costruttore: Zeppelin
Modello: LZ.120 Seriale: 00001 Data: 1919 ( D )
Sequenza nomi: Bodensee Esperia
Basi operative: Aeroscalo di Ciampino Nord
Certificati di registrazione:
Numero:   Iscrizione:   01-01-1922 Cancellazione:   07-1928  
Certificati di navigabilità:
Numero:   Decorrenza:   01-01-1922 Nota:  
01.000000 Primo volo: 20 agosto 1919   (da:
02.000100 Italy received her share of the Zeppelins and on June 3, 1920, the Zeppelin-built LZ-120 "Bodensee" was turned over to the Italians as war reparations from the German government. It was built for the specific purpose of small-scale passenger operations, and it was hoped that operations would provide needed publicity for future undertakings. Construction was begun in January 1919, and the first flight was on August 20, 1919. On 19 November 1920 the "L-120" left her station at Scerappen, Koenigsberg, for Stolpe in Pomerania, where she was turned over to representatives of Italy. The hangar at Seerappen also was assigned to Italy; to be taken down, transported to Milan, and reelected there to house the "L-120." A duration record of 105 hours was claimed for this airship. Renamed "Esperia", this airship was based at Ciampino, and was used by the military, although it was ocassionaly flown as a passenger ship until it was broken up for scrap in July, 1928.   (da:
03.999999 Stato dell'aeromobile: Rottamato (Scrp) nel luglio del 1928   (da:

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